Class 4 Blog


20th September 2019

Since the beginning of the term, Class 4 have started their learning about the Ancient Egyptians and have been looking at the diverse world we live in. They will continue this over the next few weeks looking at how the ancient Egyptians used the River Nile to support their everyday lives and the many different relationships they might see within today’s society.

With Mrs Adams, they have been appreciating and singing different rock songs including ‘Living on a Prayer’. In science we are looking at electricity and how to be safe around it. We had an interesting discussion about how to get toast that has got stuck in the toaster out safely - all children should now be able to advise adults what to do if this happens at home. Next week we will move onto being electricians, making circuits and discovering what happens when we change the components within their circuit.

After the PE sessions, we are finding many items of clothing that has not yet been named so could you please ensure that all clothing is named so it can be returned rather than being put in the lost property. Many thanks!


4th October 2019

Class 4 have had a creative week this week with activities ranging from making cartouches, electrical circuit to creating posters about the River Nile in Egyptian times.

We are continuing on with our music and progressing onto three notes on the recorder. In tag rugby will have been practising the skill of running forward and passing the ball backwards, which is not an easy concept to learn. 

In literacy we have been tasting, designing and making our own smoothies in readiness to write explicit instructions.