Class 3 Blog


20th September 2019

I am going to start this new Class 3 blog congratulating every single child of yours, they have worked really hard. Since the beginning of the year, your children have learnt about nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and even sentence starters. They managed to put them into sentences – some of them with question marks and exclamations. Statements are easy now and root words are part of our daily spelling sessions. The class is working hard to improve the handwriting and presentation in books. We are still working on it! Maths has been all about place value. We are going to be moving into addition very soon. Don’t forget to revise the time tables with your children at dinner time or in the car. In science they have been learning about rocks. Our class is full of rocks already! On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to have Mrs Fallows and Mrs Wright showing us around the church. In there, we saw man-made rocks and natural ones. They managed to touch every single one! We have started our weekly Spanish lesson. Don’t be surprised if your little ones come home talking in a foreign language! They seem to enjoy it and I love watching them talking to me in Spanglish!

4th October 2019

Lots of things happened over these two weeks; but I am going to mention something that I will remember the most. It wasn’t the grammar, it wasn’t the amount of simple addition and less simple ones they have done, not even the rocks or fossils around the class from your children…it was during snack time. We went outside with the carrots, apples, raisins, bananas and much more and I watched them playing,laughing and especially being so nice to each other- that for me that was the highlight of the month.

Next week, we will carry on with our fairy tales. The focus for this month has been to be able to use our imagination. What about if the three little pigs are not that little? What about if Pinocchio…? So far they have managed to describe the character and have started putting it into a setting. Can’t wait to read thestories, where I will be checking the use of past tense, adjectives and even subordinated conjunctions! Hopefully, they will remember the handwriting as well.