Class 5 Blog


19th September 2019

Class 5 have made an amazing start and everyone has seized the opportunity to fill the gap left by last years leavers. In English and Maths, we have seen children eager to stretch themselves, whether in number operations, writing scene settings or instruction writing. The preparation for Young Voices has shown some amazing vocal talent, which I know will come in really useful for the end of year production.

Our interesting development this year has been to introduce the JASS award (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) which combines elements of foundation subjects such as PSHE, Geography with PE and even other extra-curricular activities. At the end of the scheme the children will receive their Blue JASS award, which they can feel proud about. We were really lucky to have a couple of parent helpers as the children prepared their personalised JASS folders – even having to do some stitching!





4th October 2019

It certainly feels like we have been back a lot longer than 4 weeks and the members of class 5 have picked up to full speed pretty quickly. In the last couple of weeks, they have amazed us already with some of their brilliant writing, using a wide range of vocabulary and punctuat ion; last week’s poetry was awesome.

In maths, both Year 5 and Year 6 have made speedy progress to multiplication and we have seen many children really pushing their boundaries when challenged with new ideas.

There has been some lovely time to work scientifically, look at the properties of light – whether making light move with reflection or refraction – tell them to show you how to make a picture disappear from under a glass and explain to you why!

With their JASS project they are still working together to plan an adventurous activity (which promises to be really fun) and they have worn themselves into the ground practising for their 5k run.