2 John's EST E Safety Training, further information from last nights training.


E-Safety Policy - Please click on the link below to view:

eSafety and Data Security Policy

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For parental advice on the new craze sweeping the nation please click on the link below.



CyberSense is a new E-safety app designed to help parents talk about e-safety issues with their children to ensure that they make smart choices to stay safe online.  Aimed at children aged between 8-10 it will help them think about what they would do if they were faced with different situations online; from cyberbullying to sharing content with someone they don’t know.



With the rise in popularity of Instagram among primary school aged children it is best to support your children using this app by ensuring that their personal accounts are secure and private. Please follow the advice offered by internetmatters.org how to make Instagram private by clicking on the yellow link.


Important information about Instagram here