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End of Autumn Half Term

Posted: Oct 22, 2017 by: Francisca Meecham (Meecham) on: Class 4 blog

Well done! You  made it - felicidades!


It was fantastic to see some of you coming to see just how much effort your children have put in to their work over the last seven weeks.


We have covered the Greeks and had some fantastic models created from Trojan horses to temples, posters of famous Greeks and their  gods. I know many of you help the children with their homework and I also hope you share in the joy of such creative effort. Well done to all of you!


The children made Greek vases - my word what a fine mess we got into - the children certainly learnt that great art takes great patience. Hopefully these will soon be on your bedside cabinet to cherish forever!


Science. The sun, the moon, the stars and the planets - wow the visual display brightens the whole classrooom  - Mrs Caroll calls it the sunflower display - what a delight to behold.


Star of the Week - Each half term some of the children will be bestrode the honour of star of the week. This half term the Greek theme has lent itself to the 'Greek of the Week'.  This rewards those that have demonstrated they have gone the extra mile from whatever base  they started. So everyone deserves recognition for what they strive to do and this half term the following go their recognition: Gene, Cerys, Jaylee, Olivia, Ryan, Juliette, Donnie, Phoebe, Jack S, Georgia, Jack G  and Harriet. Buena suerte for next half term.


Enjoy half term and then we will see you through to Christmas :)


Mrs F Meecham



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