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Brrr!!!! Brrr!!!!!

Posted: Nov 23, 2018 by: J.claridge on: Class 2 Blog

After a wonderful autumn, we are now experiencing a cold snap. Please make sure your child has warm clothing to face the elements, especially lunchtime, an hour is rather a long time not to be wrapped up warm. Also, a spare set of clothing would be welcome.

Please could you make sure your child has a mid morning healthy snack, as we do have a very long morning, and tummy’s are usually very hungry at playtime. 

As we hurtle towards December, the children are busy as ever in class. This week we started our geography lessons. The children clearly labelled envelopes with their own address and the schools, and learned what each line of the address represents. Next week they will be thinking about the landmarks in their local environment. 

Rehearsals are beginning for the Nativity performance on the 11th December,  and the children are feeling very excited to show off their singing and acting to you all. The children are becoming very confident, so much so that the scripts are gradually being put away. 

Dates for the diary. Year two parents have parent consultation evenings on the 10th and 11th December. 


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