Story Writing - November 2018 

The Bee Musical - 10th October 2018 - Dress rehearsal

The Midnight Gang by Class 3

Online Safety Posters

Science is fun - Roll and Fold

Spring 2018 - Curriculum

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Year 3 - Spring 2 Homework

Genius Time - December 2017

Colour Chaos - November 2017

There's a Sunflower in my Supper - Dress Rehearsal - 16th October 2017

Houses of Parliament trip - 13th October 2017

Curriculum Map Autumn 1

Pond Life - 20.07.17

Jill Townsley Art - 13.07.17

Mini-beast Hunt - Wednesday 12th July 2017

Eva Rothschild - Monday 10th July 2017

Garden Design - Monday 26th June

Willow Weaving - Monday 26th June

Chocolate Rewards Day - Wednesday 29th March

Genius week - The Final Projects - Friday 17th March

Genius Week - Day 4 - Thursday 16th March

Genius week - Day 2 - Tuesday 14th March

Genius Week - Day 1 - Monday 13th March

Egyptian Necklaces - March 2017

British Museum - Thursday 19th January 2017

Class 3 

Spring Term 2016 - Ancient Egyptians

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and happy new year. The children should be rested and ready to return to school this week.

We will be starting our Egyptian topic which will see the children learning about many aspects of this ancient civilisation up to Egypt today. There is a trip to the British Museum, London, including a workshop on mummification. 

We will be learning about the Egyptians, running parallel with Classes 4 and 5. To suit the needs of the children in my class I will planning my lessons from a variety of resources. Therefore, below, I have linked to two medium term plans and I have the facility to choose from either plan.

I am excited to be tailoring the curriculum to suit the children and having visited the British Museum before, I know the trip will be fascinating for all involved.


Egyptian Topic Overview

Egyptian Topic Overview

Eddy's Antics - December 2016

Eddy's Antics - December 2016

Eddy's Weekend Away - 03.12.16 - 04.12.16

History Day - 09.11.16

Colchester Zoo - 20.10.16

Eddie the Penguin - 18th October 2016

28 Children go Exploring - 14th October 2016

Class 3 Dream Jars - 16th September 2016

More Dream Jars - 15th September 2016

Final day for entries Friday 16th Spetember.

Dream Jars - 14th September 2016

Dream Jars - 13th September 2016

Dream Jars - 12th September 2016

Dream Jars - 9th September 2016

Here are some of the dream jars so far. They are looking good, so please keep them coming in.

Autumn Term 2016

Welcome to Class 3, I hope you all had a good refreshing, relaxing summer and are ready for the new school year. Class 3 will start the year with the exciting Arctic Adventures topic. They will be introduced  to the freezing and fabulous Arctic in this cross-curricular topic. They will learn about Arctic explorers, the Inuit way of life, Aurora Borealis, ice and its properties,  and Arctic animals.

Please find below the National Curriculum topic we intend to cover and a brief outline which each one entails.


Arctic Adventures - Autumn 2016

Friday 22nd July 2016
Question: What do you get if you mix, 19 children, one camera and props?
Answer: 15 minutes of laughter and mess.

Rewards Day - 20th July 2016

If you go down to the woods today - Thursday 14th July 2016

Rugby Haka - Friday 1st July 2016

Red, White and Blue Day - 20th May 2016

Summer Olympic Sports - 28th April 2016

Rio Masks - 12th April 2016

World Book Day

Our costumes from World Book day and The Enchanted Wood.


Welcome back and we hope you all had a good break. Class 3 have started their Spring term topic of Superheroes by looking at the work of Edward Jenner and his pioneering work with a vacination for small pox.


Please find below the National Curriculum topic we intend to cover and a brief outline which each one entails.


Spring 2016 - Superheroes



Class 3 have been studying castles for their topic during the autumn term, below is all the National Curriculum statements they should cover by Christmas.


Autumn 2015 - Castles


Below are images of our performance of Tattybogle

Class 3 Blog

Thank you.

admin on: Class 3 Blog

Thursday, Friday and Monday afternoons Class 3 have had the fantastic opportunity to make a softie, using fruit they had drawn and painted. This  would not have been possible without the help of parents who rallied around me and came in to thread, unpick and support the children.

I am very pleased with the results as I have seen the children's sewing skills develop since the last time sewing and importantly the children are happy with their results.

I have spoken to Oliver's mum and looking at the diary for this term and I will hopefully be squeezing in a DT project towards the end of the half term. This time it will include cooking and smoothie making so a different set of skills will be required. Oliver's mum will inform you of more details nearer the time.

Prepare yourselves they will be coming home with some of this art work in the not too distant future.

Thank you for supporting your child, class and mself.

Mrs Adams

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Help needed please. Thursday 26th and Friday 27th April

admin on: Class 3 Blog

Class 3 will be sewing again on Thursday and Friday afternoon so I would be most grateful for any parent who is willing to help thread needles and enjoys working in a cheerful noisy environment.

Further details of times from Oliver's mum

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Year 3 Summer 1 homework

admin on: Class 3 Blog

Homework year 3 - summer 1.docx

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Persuasive Writing, Tricks of the Trade

admin on: Class 3 Blog

This may be useful for Summer 1 homework


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World Book Day - Take 2

admin on: Class 3 Blog

On Thursday 8th March we continued sharing our favourite books. By coincidence two children had the same book, The Midnight Gang by David Walliams.

While discussing the story the children became very animated about their dreams and how they could fulfill them. They decided that they wanted to write their own chapter of for The Midnight Gang so on Friday after lots of discussion they are authors of their own chapters.

This was totally independent work (no adult help) that was peer assessed and edited in the afternoon.

I am very proud of the chapters they created and the attitude to their work this morning and afternoon, well done Class 3.

Please  see the gallery for a copy of each child's chapter.

I hope you all have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday

Mrs Adams

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