Nativity 2017

Class 2

Class 2 have been studying castles for their topic during the autumn term, below is all the National Curriculum statements they should cover by Christmas.

Nativity 2015


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Year 2 SATs information

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Thank you to those parents who attended the session, we hope it was helpful.

If you were unable to attend please see your class teacher for the information and year 2 homework given out.

Many thanks

Mrs Claridge,  Mrs Langton and Mrs Adams


Week Five

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 This week we have been working hard in maths learning the properties of 3D shapes. In literacy some of us have been re-telling the story of St. George and the Dragon, and some of us are writing our own fantasy dragon story. 

On Tuesday 6th February Mrs Adams and I have planned a year 2 SATs information session. Please drop your children off as normal at the back gate and make your way to the school hall via the front door. We are aiming to start the session at 8.30 and finish at 9. Hope to see you then. 


Week 4

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We are continuing to identify and classify the uses of everyday materials in science,  so to help consolidate our learning we took a walk around the village to gather and record data to help answer questions by recording our data. We kept our eyes peeled looking out for everyday materials being used in different ways. 

A big thank you for supporting us with learning the poem for our choral on Friday. We were extremely proud of the children reciting it it front of the rest of the school, and they even managed to not get too over excited when they mentioned the words, “pants” and “purple underwear”. Mrs Barber also said she tried very hard not to laugh out loud, when she heard the word, “pants”. 

Thank you with your patience in changing reading books as we have been assessing sight vocabulary and sounds over the last week. The children are progressing well through all the phases with your continued support. 


Happy New Year

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Wishing you all a very happy New Year, and I hope you managed to get some time to relax and spend time with family and friends. 

We have another very busy term ahead of us with a lot of the curriculum to get through. The focus in School is still phonics and presentation, alongside raising standards in writing. 

Mrs Hall and I had a meeting yesterday, and I explained that as a class, in year one we are working on punctuation (capital letters, full stops and finger spaces) moving on to using the conjunction and’. In year two expanding our ideas, (expanded noun phrases) to help our writing to become more interesting to read, as well as complex and compound sentences. 

We are lucky this term to have a qualified gym coach in School to teach the the children. They have had two lessons so far, and have been working on shape and transferring body weight. 

You may of found a poem in your child’s school bag. Could you please find some time to practise this with your child, as we are performing this to the rest of the school in an assembly on January 26th. Thank you for your support.

Polite reminder. Could you please just provide the blue school bag for School, as we do not have very much room in the cloakroom, as it becomes very congested at home time and PE times, which prevents the delvelopment of automny. 


Homework Spring 1

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Spring 1 Year 1.docx

Year 2 Spring 1 homework.docx