Nativity 2017

Class 2

Class 2 have been studying castles for their topic during the autumn term, below is all the National Curriculum statements they should cover by Christmas.

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Class 2 Blog

End of Term

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We hand your children back, the same children you entrusted in our care last September. We give your children back a little bit taller, a little bit older but a  whole load smarter. It has been our pleasure and privilege to watch their characters, personailties, and intellect develop day by day, as we learned new things together. 

This year we have lived, learned, sang and grown up together. We have become a close-knit classroom family, and will always be apart of each other . Remember we will always be interested in your children and their destiny wherever they go, whatever they do, and whoever they may become.

We would like to say a big heartfelt 'Thank you', for the kind wishes, cards and gifts we have received, and wish you all a very sunny, relaxed and happy summer holiday.

On behalf of myself, Mrs Langton, Mrs Crispin, Mrs Ladbrooke and Mrs Drury. 

Happy holidays. 

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Summer 2 Week One

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The Phonics Screening check has taken place this week, for the year one. Some of the children had a lot of catching up to do way back in September and because of the dedicated team I work alongside the progress has been quite staggering. So I feel proud of all of the children and the team I work with. The results will be in your child’s report at the end of term. 

Swimming got off to a shaky start, due to the cashless system and the option of opting in or out of swimming, so here’s hoping next Monday will run more smoothly.

We still found time for painting in the style of Salvador Dali, draw a portrait of him too, sing Spanish, learn the Mexican hat dance, fit in a tennis lesson as well as Our normal maths, phonics and literacy lessons. Another very busy week, but we take it all in our stride. 

The sunflower plants can be returned to school for planting in the garden. Mrs Hall is going to try and organise a working party to help further with the garden. Thank you. 

Below some of our artists at work, and some of the finished work. 

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Week Six

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Thank you again to the volunteers who have been helping out in the garden, the re-vamped bench looks wonderful, thank you to you too, you know who you are. 

The children have  practised their backhand and forehand hand in tennis this week, and had a go at volleying across the net. Their skills in tennis are improving, their listening better this week, so extra playtime. 

In maths the children were adding three small numbers together, in literacy re-telling the story of Cinderella, using interesting words, with some children adding speech marks to their writing. The children had great fun, “Hot Seating”, some of the characters in Cinderella, preparing them for their writing activities. In science learning how plants reproduce baby seedlings the same as humans, and how plants show us they are living. 

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Week Four

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We continue with tennis in PE, and the children have been developing the grip of holding a tennis racquet in order to hit shots. 

The children have been introduced to peer assessment during, literacy, maths and RE. 

But most enjoyable this this week has been the opportunity to get outside into the garden. So once again whether you’ve given up your precious time or donated seeds, plants, garden tools a very big thank you from the children in class 2. 

Each child has  brought home some sunflowers seeds potted up to look after, and return when the seeds have germinated to plant in the school garden. The children have learned what seeds need to germinate. 

Learning from one another.

Some photos below of the garden taking shape.

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Hot hot hot!!!!

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Thank you for sending in sun hats today, it has certainly been a hot one. Some parents have been asking if they can send water bottles into class  to keep the children hydrated. We fully understand your concerns about the in take of water and we encourage the children to take several drinks from the fresh water fountain in the classroom throughout the day. 

I would like to re-assure you that the children are also encouraged to take longer than a 10 second drink, this only happens when the children have been out for playtime and lunch and had plenty of opppotunty to take further drinks, because I’m sure you can appreciate the children need to be back in class promptly to continue with their lessons. 

Thank you for the seeds, plants, trowels and forks that have been donated so far this week. I’m hoping we will get the opportunity to plant them with some of your help this week. 

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