Nativity 2017

Class 2

Class 2 have been studying castles for their topic during the autumn term, below is all the National Curriculum statements they should cover by Christmas.

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Class 2 Blog

Week 7

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As we come to the close of the first half of the autumn term, we would like to thank you for getting your children to school on time, supporting them with their homework, and listening to them read daily. Reading at home can add years to extra progress, and bring confidence and enjoyment to the rest of the curriculum. If we can continue on this trajectory the children in class 2 can achieve great things.

Thank you also for attending parents evening, it was lovely to meet you. We had some lovely feedback, and we hope you could see the tremendous progress your child has made in such a short time. Also, please remember if you have any worries or concerns contact us straight away, we will always find time to see you.

It just remains for us to wish you a very happy half term, and see you at ‘Book Look’ tonight. 

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Week 6

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Can you believe we are coming to the end of the first half of the autumn term. 

The children are becoming more independent as they are now more familiar with the class routines. Can we ask that you assist us further with independence by labelling clothing. We counted nine sweatshirts in our lost property bin yesterday without names on. If children can swiftly  and independently find their own belongings it saves your precious time looking for them at the end of the day. Would parents also please respect our request and not enter the main building in the morning, as we are sure you can appreciate this is a very busy time of day for both staff and children. 

The children have been assessed in their number work today and the results will be shared with you on parent evening. You should also find slips in the diary book tonight of time and date of your appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

Reminder - Ramble Friday morning for CIN £1 donation. Please  check the weather forecast Friday morning and dress your child accordingly. 

Thank you for your support. 

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Week Four

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A big thank you to you all at home, the children are certainly looking more polished to recite the, ‘Bubble Bath’ poem in assembly next Friday. 

In literacy this week the have been writing stories, and continue with this theme next week, learning to add description and conjunctions. In maths the children continue to learn how to apply their knowledge of pairs of numbers that add to 8, 9 and 10 and apply this to finding missing numbers.

You may have noticed that some of the children came home with, ‘Spot check’ reading stickers, we aim to complete these every half term, and hope you find them useful. Please continue to read books at home to your children and use the library. This is just as important to widen your child’s vocabulary and experience of reading, our school reading scheme does not facilitate this.

Thank you to those of you that gave up your precious time for, Meet the Teacher’. We hope you found its useful. 

Reminder - The school is attending the church Monday morning for Harvest.  A small donation of a non-perishable item, in a carrier bag, will be very much appreciated by the church. 

Sorry for the late notice of above, I forgot to push the publish button.

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Week 3

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Above are some photos of the children using their knowledge of number bonds to 10 to solve mathematical problems. In literacy they re-told the story of Elephant and Bad Baby. In science learned about animals and their offspring, learning that not all babies look like the adults, also about groups of animals. In computing the children have a better understanding of how to keep themselves safe when on line and who to go to for help if they see something that’s makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Rock Stars and Spelling Shed should be up and running, any problems please get in touch.

polite reminder please could you find some time to practise the poem that was sent home in your child’s book bag. 

Thank you you for your support. 

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Week 2

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Well, week two came and went in a blur. The children have been more settled this week and are beginning to learn their new routines. In literacy the children wrote stories, in maths estimated, added two numbers together, and counted beyond 100. The Van Gogh art project is nearly completed, and the American football coach came in on Friday.  So all in all a very productive week.

Homework has been sent out, and I understand not everyone has received Rock Stars and Spelling Shed passwords, I’m hoping with Mrs Adams we can rectify this at the beginning of the coming week.

Reading books should be coming home now daily, with common exception words either to read or spell. Please support your child at home by listening to him/her read daily. 

We always recognise children’s birthdays in school, just a polite reminder to keep cake and sweets for family and friends at home, as I’m sure you can appreciate we have to be mindful of both adult and children’s allergies. Also, party invites could they be distributed on the playground at the end of the day. Thank you for your co-operation. 

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